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Monday, March 26, 2012

Advertise On Things To Do In LA

Hello Readers and Advertisers,

How would you like to reach people all around LA and the world? TTDILA does and now you can be a part of it through advertising. Reach a constant assortment of people checking out new places to go, hang out and have fun. When you want something to do you think Things To Do In LA, with new content weekly on a vast spectrum of events including: new restaurants, movies, parties, premieres, signings, openings and more. TTDILA the short version that's easy to remember Thing To Do In LA covers not only what's happening but reviews and covers news on: movies, art, video games, comics, vinyl toys, food and drinks. The site feature interviews with cutting edge artists both in media and the art scene.

What TTDILA provides is a constant stream of new events and places to check out in LA so you won't be bored after you've visiting you local hot spots. TTDILA will remind you if something cool is happening at your hot spots, too.

TTDILA was created out of the simple want to find out what to do in a city so vast and so diverse that somethings always happening. There's always something to do in LA. There's always a new place to visit and TTDILA tells you about it.

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