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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cartoon Hype: Wild Grinders Gay Acceptance Cartoon

With both Cartoon Network and Disney having major powerhouse cartoons based on superheroes and devoted hours on the weekend to said heroes how will Nickelodeon remain in the game? With the gayest cartoon ever, yes, Nickelodeon's new cartoon Wild Grinders might be the gayest cartoon ever with it's entire cast of skateboarders being gay. They're gay boys and girls and they live there life to the fullest with generic plots and the same characters you've seen a hundred times, except now their gay. Did I mention a gay talking dog, looks like Scooby Doo has some competition. I have to say way to go Nickelodeon, when major networks are coming up with superhero cartoons to grab the prime demographic of young males you come out with a show about gay skateboarders, way to take a chance

In honestly reminds me of the Gaystyle cartoon from Angry Boys. Will Nickelodeon be making some of the same products from the show like dick thermoses? Who knows?