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Friday, March 2, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Launch Party LA

Street Fighter X Tekken 

will be out March 6th and to celebrate a throw-down of epic proportions took place Thursday in downtown LA at The Majestic Halls, with plenty of free consoles to play on.  Yoshinori Ono the Street Fighter Producer was signing posters for fans and spilling out Japanese to a crowd bathed in a red light. One of the best parts of the show, other than being able to play the game before it comes out was the free holograms. I mean those cards with two images on them, you might remember Gambit from the X-Men throwing a card as a hologram. You could pull off your own fight move or super attack then stick it on your fridge as the holograms were also magnets. There was also live art and and an art gallery of Street Fighter and Tekken characters, not from IAM8BIT, they were doing their own thing that night.

I was scheduled to go to LeetUp two miles away, but a snafu locked out my cameraman, it seems like it was a fun event with all the major nerd players involved, I just wish I could have checked it out. It had a huge line when I was there and with the video game launch party nearby made the night filled with nerds up and down downtown.

So how's the game? It's a pleasure to see in motion. I had multiple people saying how much they just love the backgrounds. I spotted a robot Zangief on the Space Elevator and it instantly reminded me of a Meat Bun t-shirt. I kind of want to just give the designers an award for best background design.

 For me I felt more at ease with the Tekken characters, but Street Fighters were all in my memory as well for instant access to fights. If you've played either games in the series you kind of know how to play already. The huge roster makes for some fun insane battles and pulling of some supers, well it just fills up your pleasure bar.

It's a mix you might have never seen coming from the two fighting giants, but when you punch someone so hard their tongue flaps out you fill accomplishment and hilarity. A lot of fighters look like their going to puke and I hope at some point a "punched in the gut gallery" comes out from the web.

If your into either series it's or just want a fun fighter to release the stresses of everyday life, forget Soul Calibur, weapons are for sissies. I want a Robot Zangief figure, now!

 Update: They also gave out free t-shirts for the event, but I got their late, so they were all gone. If I see one online I'll post it.

 A ton of more pictures after the jump