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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Pre-Launch Party @ IAM8BIT

This is so funny, I was just taking to a friend about Virtua Fighter at the Amusement Expo or was it at a local arcade, Family Fun Center, which is mostly just fighters. Anyway, you have a chance to win tickets to a pre-launch party of the Virtua Fighter 5 game at gallery IAM8BIT. IAMIBIT means limited edition t-shirt too me.

Just sign up here . I'd do it earlier than later even though it's happening on May 19th, space is limited so it might be best to sign up now.

   "In addition to demoing the full version of the game, walking away with "limited edition" swag and gurgling free refreshments, we'll be flying out two of the greatest VF fighters from Japan, FUUDO and CHIBITA, to compete with randomly selected challengers in attendance. Whether you're an amateur buttonmasher or diehard elite, it'll be an awesome event!"

This is one of the first Sega events happening in LA , I think the last Sega event was during E3 last year, maybe their catching up to Capcom.

Note, it's 21 and up, you ain't getting in if your younger than that.

This is so cute, they look so adorable in their tough poses.