Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Car Date Review One Hell of A ... In-N-Out Burger

Car Date isn't a hard film to describe, a man off camera lies to two woman about having some sort of a dating show, while the real point is to explain how to trick women into having sex with the viewer. Now this played at Sundance and just went up to the home market about three months ago. Now there isn't a pouring of outrage or anything big, because what the director, a man mostly off camera during the filming, is just a guy trying to get laid.

You start off thinking how weird is this is going to get or is their going to be a turning point, but no it's about a man teaching you what he calls mind control or what I would call really good skills on knowing human nature of some people. One of the strangest parts is the setup for things to be weird. Such as an interview with the driver of the car, which doesn't have any lines later on in the film. She's talked too then boom, hey, I'm on a date with two porn stars.  The lovely ladies that you get to know and act super predictable are, yes porn stars. Victoria the blonde and Charlie are set up and planned out right away. If they weren't pretty the be more annoying, but they do get very annoying anyway.

If you've dated any girl you know the way they act isn't to off from these too. The levels that Lacy goes through explaining every point or when you see a word you should be paying attention to pop up make me think this might become a cult classic if more people find out about it. I could see a drinking game at the Downtown Independent with this film. A word is left up on screen, take another drink, you'll get drunk pretty fast. Like a lot films I see, I recommend watching with friends including women to see how they react and to laugh at some of the dumb moments.

Car date isn't going to win any award for cinematography, it's almost a bit weird that the camera is always on the two girls, but it's shot clearly and your not going to miss much of anything. I say the film isn't that deep unless you want to make it so. The man behind camera is trying to get some and is teaching you the best way he knows how to get some. If anything the only thing that might be true is how sucky real relationships can come by today in LA, as one of the girls Charlie brings up, you can go to a bar or a club, that's A crappy way to meet a girlfriend or boyfriend. That might be the only deep thing from the movie, the rest is a film about getting laid. It totally objectifies women, but that's how many men are and women who are just the same, looking to get laid and move on.

I talked a bit on the phone with Lacy and he's an LAian.... Los Angeleno.. I don't know what we call ourselves and I have a damn blog about the city, but he knows he's the city. What I might haved like about the film more than the odd premise was how local it felt, kind of like The Scenesters film I reviewed a while back. In-N-Out get mentioned for lunch by jingle. The date and "mind control" is still going on while there chowing down on some Animal Style burgers. Hearing them getting off and on Ventura made me think I was watching a friends home movie when he got lucky. There's talk of helping laborers outside of Home Depot and you might be able to figure what street their driving around on if you know the area. The ladies seemed like a lot you find in LA, which isn't just porn stars, but that attitude of somewhat of a valley girl.

Spoiler ahead
Got to say the ending was kind of a downer,d you get to a point where Lacy manages to get the chicks back to his pad for a good time, but there's know camera shot of underwear falling on the camera or one ending shot that he got some. It's just kind of let down. You don't even get in the house. I would have like one little shot where I'd go "Oh, he got laid, good for him"
End of spoilers

The films only 4 bucks and only available online, it less than an hour so you won't be learning how to "bang chicks with mind tricks" in very long. It seems worthy of Netflix or rental online.

Strangely enough, from Lacy himself, it was shot in one day, but cost six thousand dollars to make and post took six months, which kind of baffles me. He did it in his free time with editors and there most have been a lot more footage I'm not seeing, but this is his Lacy's first film and he never went to film school.

So see the film and test it out and maybe you'll get laid sooner then you think, just wear a condom and keep it safe. As a friend use to say "Condoms and safety belts" then he might have died of a sexual disease