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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Amusement Expo Part 3

Pentavision Global

God I love Engrish "which is one of the most popular game in Japan, is added new 3 characters"

Pentavision had a fighter with chicks only called Shin Koihime-Musou bases on some anime I never saw, it was an easy fighter to master with some big bosomed ladies using some mean weapons like swords, but no guns and  for some reason you could summon little girls to pull of special attacks.
The fighter was so easy to control I was beating the booth attendant, until he pulled of a super moved where his character shot me into the stratosphere and I don't mean the hotel in Las Vegas. I could see sitting down and playing this.

They was also a grip testing machine and a prize redemption machine called Mr. Vacuum. Can't say Mr. Vacuum's easy and it's same as Ice's Cut The Rope game, even though both machines don't use what's in their titles. Mr.Vacuum uses a suction cup as does Cut The Rope. The Grip Strength is the simple title for the grip strength game where little comical characters tell you how strong your grip is. It also prints out your score.


 Andamiro had multiple fun units including Dragon Punch. I saw people testing their strength on this bad boy every couple of minutes while I was playing Pump It Up 2011 Fiesta EX, just kidding. I'm not into dance games, but if you are I'm sure you'll want the latest one from... I believe Korea. I was playing either King of The Hammer or Over The Top the arm wrestling game. If you watch the video from Part 1, you'll see me beating a virtual girl at it. King of The Hammer is the old carny game of trying to ring the bell with a hammer revised. That hammer won't kill anyone...cry, still fun to whack a target with it. Penalty Shot let's you play some soccer or really let's you just get some good kicks in. Andamiro had some fun innovative stuff this year, I haven't been to the last Amusement Expo, so I can't tell if it's really all new, but it is fun.

Global VR

Shh…! Welcome to Frightfearland is a fun shooter being released by Global VR, if you've had the chance to play it already it mixes an insane plot of being trapped at some strange nightmare theme park with evil clowns and multiple monsters. I saw a lot of enemies that reminded me of there games like the pink bunny costumes that remind me of Silent Hill enemies. This is the same system you've played Aliens on. It's very enjoyable in co-op and your story has multiple path it can take for multiple playthroughs. I ended playing it after defeating a mirror-master( reminded me of Kirby's mirror costume) who turned the haunted mansion I was in upside down, fending of cannibalistic clowns and "coffee" cups coming at me.

Blazing Angels, a fight plane simulator was fine. It didn't really have anything that made it stand out other then it cabinet. Gameplay was kind of frustrating as your going to fast to really take out other planes,

Just a cute coin slot shooter based on a diner .
LazerMazers seems like something out of the Mission Impossible series. You really have to make it through a lazer course put in the code and put you hand on the authorization pad
Amusement Expo was filled with with all the goodies you can win at an arcade sure it would be cheaper to buy them, but most of these you can oly get through a catalog. Have to say Marvel covers all it's bases when it comes to selling their brand, while DC needs to catch up.