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Monday, March 26, 2012

Journey Review

Thatgamecompany did it, it made a co-op game online that won't allow you to talk to your co-player fun. Fun and beautiful, simple stunning, sometimes you wish their was an in game camera as so many shots feel like panoramas you'd like to capture.

Don't just imagine yourself in a sprawling desert as unknown seeker of what's out there, with a ever growing scarf and multiple not named companions in your journey, buy it now. Journey has you play as a unnamed character trans-versing a vast desert populated by ruins of some ancient unknown culture that might be linked to you in some way. Along the way you'll meet companions that can't talk to you, but merely make a sound that you can also see with light and a symbol. Together or alone you cover vast distances surfing the desert or fly for short periods using your scarf.

Yes, your scarf indicates hot long you can fly and grows longer when you discover symbols that light up throughout the game. There's little to master as you'll be walking, floating/flying or sliding around this deserted desert. Simple puzzles that shouldn't take long to master and some sneaking past some guards are the hardships of this game.

The world is sometimes a composition of the desert, ancient ruins and the ocean. Many creatures and plants(?) resemble aquatic acquaintances. You"ll see parchment based seaweed, jellyfish and non-ocean parchment canines. The creatures I refer to look really nothing like dogs, but they seem like doggy companions none the less.

Companions in the human sense can come and go throughout your game. They appear like you a being protected from the desert and having a scarf. You can beat the game without someone, but it simply isn't as fun. Even though you never really talk your Journey with someone else stimulates you to carry on, look around more and simple enjoy the others company. A bonus for playing together is your flight power is regained while being near or with a shout from your unknown companion.

The story of Journey is deep with being simple enough for anyone to pick up on. It's like a Disney movie with out a annoying song to remember, still has a great soundtrack. Why are you alone in the desert, what's with these ancient ruins, what are you searching for? It will all be revealed when you play and see it for yourself.

I was so impressed by this game I tried to get a studio tour of thatgamecompany in Feb/March , but they were just too busy. I had followed a lot of the development including reading an article about a symphony orchestra lead online by one of the game makers to capture the touching music within the game. The third title from a game group that came out of USC and they seem unstoppable. There three title contract with Sony is up and know they"ll be making the games they want for multiple systems perhaps? Hope they keep it as nice as Journey.

Available now on PSN