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Monday, March 12, 2012

Diversions@ Giant Robot

 Diversions went down at Giant Robot on Sawtelle Saturday Night. Oh why, oh why can't Giant Robot have a BBQ and an art show. Art always makes me hungry. Make meat pieces and fry them up to be enjoyed by both out eyes and tongues. Paul Roberston with his huge assortment of all kinds of nostalgia, be it video games, cartoons or 80's movies was in attendance with some of his Mecha Fetus friends Mariel Cartwright and Jonathan Kim who both worked on Skullgirls. It was a pleasure to talk to them about many video games.
 Here they all are with the owner/creator of Giant Robot Eric Nakamura.

Paul has many pieces in the show you should check out before it's closing in April. Talking with him shortly about his work he explained that every character he used isn't just grabbed from images online, but has somehow affected him through playing or watching. He's favorite piece of the show is the "Missingno" from Pokemon, he crammed a lot of Pokemon in it and liked the colors he got from the piece. He also isn't that excited about the next game in the series with Nobunaga and Japanese history mixed in it. He was very friendly to his fans going over his pieces  and waving to them as they left.

 The guys behind Meat Bun were all in tow, showing off two big posters for the show, you can get them a bit smaller for 30 too. As usual they were having fun at Giant Robot which carries their line of video game t-shirts. Mike, Scott and Jason were having fun throughout the night relaxing at the show. Wonder, if they'll be at the next Game Night this month. Still really love communist propaganda Chun-li and robot Zangief, look for Mecha Zangief in Street Fighter X Tekken.

 Here's Jude Buffum's new piece. If you get in close you'll see the parchment paper look is really small bit blocks. I'm not the biggest fan of the  Legend of Zelda, but his work makes me want to play. If you click on it and zoom in you'll see there's so much tiny detail.

more photos after the break including some naughty ones from Paul

 Those girls I like again

I didn't show all of Paul's stuff, you'll have to check it out in person, the Missingno is missing.