Wednesday, March 7, 2012

UMAMIcatessen Multiple Restaurants In One

If you've liked any of the Umami restaurants that have popped up around in LA your in for quite a treat. UMAMIcatessen has had a soft opening downtown and it has five restaurants in one.
1.Umami Burger- Special menu, like a shrimp burger
2.PIGG-Hog Heaven-All things pig
3.The Cure-Such a nice Deli you have
4.Spring for Coffee- Hmm, guess
5.& a Donut- Just guess again

Plus, a bar called The Black Bar
Yes, this is a box of bacon and dipping sauce from PIGG.

Yelp is already giving it 4 Stars and it hasn't even officially opened yet. Call for times
(213) 41-UMAMI

via LAist