Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back To The Zombie Store

I already miss the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas. I also missed out on the Bleeding Zombie Killer T-Shirt. You get to go inside a mini-gun range at the store and shoot a blood pack with a high-powered BB gun to blood splatter your own shirt and make it special in your own way. When I went they were out of shirts in my size and blood, but I did get to shoot a tin can.

The shirt immediately reminded me of Seibei's  Intramural Zombie Hunter T-Shirt which sadly isn't in stock right now, because of high demand and each shirt is made differently. You can choose your level of gore, I chose the highest on mine and you number and name written on it. This isn't mine above, but I've been complemented on my shirt every time I wear it out.

I hope maybe a deal can be struck where you could order the Seibei's T in the store, it just seems like they belong together.

For the little ones you can get the
Zombie Hunter In Training T-Shirt from Seibei

Here's some of their marketing for the place, much approved.