Friday, March 9, 2012

Brian K. Vaughan With Host Damon Lindelof @MeltdownComics March 13th

Go meet the guys behind lost minus Abrams at Meltdown.

more info

"Come on down to The Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics on Tuesday, March 13th at 11pm for the release event for Brian K. Vaughan’s latest work “SAGA: Chapter One that matters. It’ll be a late night celebration of one of America’s favorite authors, hosted by Damon Lindelof, one of America’s favorite television writers. And the best part: the show is FREE!*
And once the clock strikes Midnight, Mr. Vaughan will sign copies of SAGA: Chapter One inside Meltdown Comics!
So come on down to Meltdown Comics and The Nerdist Theater on Tuesday, March 13th at 11pm to get your Vaughan on!"