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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Superjail: Season Two Review

Superjail: Season Two
This season saw a switch in animation studios from augenblick to Titmouse Inc which seems to be the dominate animator for Adult Swim at this point. I have no idea how Superjail came back from it's insane ending of the first season or hiatus of two years, but as an Adult Swim show unless you're cancelled you're on hiatus. So if your a fan of Titan Maximum you might see it again some day.

The people behind the show from the group PFFR, you might see a butt monster spewing blood as their logo at the end of each episode, has a live action show in the works at adult swim, so even though Superjail is back on hiatus you can get their utterly bizarre sense of humor. Oh, wait episodes are said to come out in 2012.

Let's get to the meat and bones and guts and brains and other blood of the show.Episodes differ like night and day and are half crazy sci-fi fantasy nightmares of nerds to just gross out idiocy or sitcom plots gone... well just plain insane.  The episode "Hotchick" has the pair simply known as The Twins who are aliens trying to avoid some sort of vicious hunter alien that can change form and decided to be a hot chick. In almost Star Trek way the twins try to escape there would be hunter, I won't ruin the twist, but it is utterly stupid and funny.Another episode has racism being the key to saving the main characters, it's always something unthinkably cruel or horrible. I do like the new Super villain added, Lord Stingray, he just screeches 80's. With how episodes are shaped it seems that the writers would like to be doing different shows and just don't have the chance too.

Getting down and as low down as possible the show  tries to be as gross as possible with inmates dying as strange as possible. Every episode features new horrific deaths from all kinds of monster, ghost, death races and so on. Sometimes you can see these great, far out ideas from the show with sci-fi elements, but these can be just be beaten to death by stupidity. Some episodes show great writing and others will just be that the writers probably got high and wrapped things up poorly. As I said episodes teeter-tooter, it's a word I just made up, from bringing strange ideas to just boner/high jokes or sitcom-esque jokes, incredibly sick sitcoms jokes, but still sitcom jokes.

Overall the animation isn't as great as the previous studio, but is still extremely high for an Adult Swim show .If anything the cover art of the DVD shows you how much nonsense can happen and how much has to be animated at once. Jailbot's face is the disc this time around, which is a cute little addition.

There is a huge amount of Extras, but that doesn't make up for ugly DVD menu design. I know Adult Swim can do better with how funny Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD menus are. Instead you have some clip art. Back to extras, well how about commentary and interviews and a music video and live concert footage from the people who sing the theme song I think.

If your into ultra insane violence and some things that are rated MA, because they deserve to be you've found the perfect show for you. Don't be uptight about anything as every line is crossed for a lot of fun meaningless deaths and some gay jokes.