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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Kid with a Bike Review

I mentioned the film The Kid with a Bike way back in November as part of AFI Fest for having a Wesker Resident Evil reference. Since then it's been playing around LA and is now showing up at The Landmark.

The Kid with a Bike is as simple as its title. A boring tale about a abandoned boy and his life without a deadbeat dad who just left him. You never get that involved and there's never a part that seems to matter as you follow the course of the boy being picked up by some hairdresser who feels sorry for him. At some points it makes no sense why the hair dresser is so nice to the young boy, he is a constant annoyance and at one point stabs her. I hated the main character throughout the movie and not in a anti-hero good way.  There's strokes of great ideas, but mediocre camera work and completion make it something my friends could complain to me about being exactly what someone might think a french foreign film might be, boring. Couldn't they have gotten at some entertaining bike riding shots?

Don't see it. It be better to just ride a bike outside through a nice area and enjoy yourself.