Monday, June 3, 2013

TV Hype: Da Vinci's Demons Deserves SyFy Channel

Da Vinci's Demons is the dumbest show with money to throw away on television right now. The first episode I've seen showed off  Da Vinci's inventive nature with an early scuba suit. He was making his way into the Evil Pope's fortress underwater when the show cut to a very dirty sex scene. Starz might not allow for seeing hardcore sex, but it doesn't get closer then in Da Vinci.

Let's go back to the Evil Pope's Fortress shall we. The show is also predictable and written like MacGyver, but dumber than MacGyver mixed with a DC comic. In this newest episode MacGyver, I mean Da Vinci confronts the Evil Pope in his giant bath. After going through a stroll in the Pope's chamber of secrets or Fortress of Popitude we actually get collectibles from other myths including Kryptonite. There was also a dinosaur's  skull  and the Ark of the Covenant. Da Vinci at one point drops his automatic crossbow that sounds like a glock a picks up the Spear of Destiny, y'know the one that pierced Jesus.

Da Vinci later gets to use the Spear which does have magical properties and can cut through anything, but I'm not sure magic existed before in the show. I saw only Da Vinci's inventions and glock sounding crossbows.

Later in the B plot story some evil guys are planning on taking over the city and one guy doesn't agree in their evil meeting. That guy is so dead. You could see that this man would die from the obvious wine bottle shot or  that he was wearing different colored clothes than everyone. He death teaches us to shut up during meetings when you want to be the voice of reason, just like we've seen a thousand times.

Da Vinci is a predictable 80's or 90's show with the worst use of history and the same cliche ideas you've seen in a hundred different movies or shows and it has the money to burn. It's a SyFy Channel show and that isn't a compliment.