Thursday, June 13, 2013

Art Hype: Ghettogloss, Joyce Pensato: I KILLED KENNY and Park Studio: Skaters and Makers

The monthly Downtown Art Walk is tonight. Multiple galleries open and special events your pleasure all around downtown.

Ghettogloss Moves Back From Melrose

Ghettogloss leaves Melrose to head back to Eagle Rock. The trendy gallery/store had some fun events, but never managed to make a huge impact on Melrose, it might have been to far from the main area.

Skaters and Cartoon Players

Two fun exhibits at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Joyce Pensato: I KILLED KENNY

Joyce Pensato like to take pop culture characters to new heights
Jun 1–Aug 17, 2013                                                      
Park Studio: Skaters and Makers
Jun 1–Jul 6, 2013                                                      
Love art while skating.