Sunday, June 23, 2013

World War Z Quick Review Zombies Just Love Helicopters

Wait,  Lindelolf (Lost, Star Trek Into Darkness 2), Drew Goddard, J. Michael Straczynski and the son of Mel Brooks, Max Brooks all take a piece of credit for the writing of this simply okay title? What a shame, all that talent for one of the most mediocre zombie films to come out in a while. Not aptly titled, World War Z is a film about one man trying to find the cure for the zombie crisis that afflicts the world. Along the way he decides to not tell anyone what he's specifically doing even though he could be killed by zombies at any moment even though his knowledge or idea might help save the country. The actual war with the zombies is showcased in a few seconds of footage tricking you from the start about how engaging the film is. Some classic zombie moments that should have been from the start are stolen straight from Will Smith's I Am Legend. How many times can a helicopter go down because of zombies making zombie chains?

Setting it apart from any other zombie film is the 200 million dollar budget that manages to never show anything that amazing that any zombie movie fan hasn't seen. The 200 million budget gave us the same opening of used found footage and morning TV last seen in The Purge to describe that state of the world. Wow, real footage of bad things that happened, that's only been done since hmm The Purge reused it, but it fit so much better with it's smaller budget.

World War Z is a zombie film you've seen before. In fact it's many zombie films you've seen before mixed together with a bigger budget that produces nothing long term horror fans would enjoy.