Friday, June 21, 2013

It's The Weekend 003

Yo Readers,

What a lovely week in LA if you weren't affected by the multiple high action murders and major car accidents around the city, more on that in the Murder LA post today. Remember, don't take pictures of vagrants or they might literally stab you as that did happen on Hollywood and Highland this week. As always it's your Editor in-chief  Jonathan Bilski writing to you about LA, pop culture and unrequited hatred over the things you hate.

As the weekend catches up with you this evening be sure to go over the weekly what to do list with a quick scroll down or check the side of the site for things to do. Catch up with Things To Do In LA with videos on YouTube.

We're getting closer to the the two big ones Anime Expo and Comic-Con set for July while in LA this weekend with have the returning Korean BBQ Festival that has changed it's name as much as P Diddly. Time for meat and walking as Wilshire will be shut down for CicViaLA, them ost poorly named event series ever. Why not just call it LA Walks or LA Moves, CicViaLA, ugh. .

Until next time I'm off on my flying swan! If someone gets to drawing it. (that's a hint for our graphic artist)

Have a fun weekend!

-Jonathan Bilski