Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LA Film Fest 2013 Movies We Kind of Do Them Here

The last day of E3 marks the start of the LA Film Fest June 13-23. For reporters on all the best stuff in LA it's a treasure trove of dynamite ready to explode with video games and movies over the next few weeks. If only it wasn't at the accursed LA Live, scourge of unfair parking and not that great a selection of food and drink.

I'm So Excited! a campy sexy film out of Spain starts the festival, but I don't really know why. It doesn't have a lot of buzz behind it or anything. It's rush line, but if you want to see comedians on a plane doing things I suggest Airplane!.

We have a great amount of foreign content including Takashi Miike's Lesson of Evil about a popular teacher turning out to be an all out psycho, this prolific director has no end of films he churns out, but with great quality and his own signature style.

The Act of Killing has been on my radar since, hhmm for at least a year. Drafhouse grabbed this frightful doc on a bunch of soldiers re-enacting their brutal murders through artistic means like dance. Yes, real soldiers act out how they gunned down and slaughtered Christians in this uneasy documentary.

 Drug War is a Chinese film with some hype behind it, can it pull off the drama and action of stateside films. More than likely, did anyone see Gangster Squad, no of course you didn't.

Oh, Germans and apocalyptic settings, it's too good to be true. They just have what it takes to make things weird and when a village becomes barren and winter never comes  things don't go well. They don't go well at all in The Fifth Season.

Back to the states for good ol' American horror with You're Next. I might be full of people being hunted after The Purge comes out shortly before this does. Ooh, Ti West might did in and after the stuff he's been pulling with his short films, he deserves too.

Sadly, the Spike Jonze: A Rubberband and His Comb conversation is only rush line as this is written. Who doesn't want to get into his head for a while, better than listening to Neil Gaiman for the hundredth time. He's in LA a lot lately.

Check the full schedule.