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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Labyrinth Masquerade 2013 July 5-6

The fantasy masquerade ball  returns to LA and is fairly close to Anime Expo and during it. Dress up in your favorite fantasy clothes or steam punk attire and enjoy a night of in the classic looking Park Plaza. As this is LA you should be in for a treat with the countless amount of people in the industry who just want to have fun, but go all out with their costumes.

The Labyrinth Masquerade 2013
July 5-6
At the historic Park Plaza
607 S. Park View Street, Los Angeles, CA

"The Labyrinth of Jareth is a Masquerade Ball based on Venetian tradition, Celtic faerie and goblin lore, and stories of fantasy and wonder. Lost within the borders of chaos and light, nobles dance among the Fae while goblins wait with hungry eyes in the wings of their court. Some of the most amazing fantasy artists, costumers and special effects crews participate in bringing a diverse host of creatures and mythologies alive each year."

Look out the layout it seems like the plan for long engaging evenings.