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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

EA Media Briefing 2013 What Just Happened?

A giant mech stood in the hallway of the Shrine Auditorium early Monday for the EA Briefing. It came from TitanFall a new game which has you switching between an on the foot soldier and the mech you pilot. TitanFall seems fast paced and ready for all out action. Instead of making robots clunky the game has them being fast to get into and get out of. Being in a mech suit does give you an advantage, but foot soldier can take out these behemoths. It does seem to lack a rich story and characters, it's the same story you've play a hundred times. It may just be there for multiplayer.

Peter Moore of EA had the the audience laughing before the show starting with a joke on Kotaku already doing a negative write-up of the event. 

We went straight into a Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare parody video of Battlefield 4. After watching a live four player co-op match it seems like this 3rd person shooter should be fun for all ages.

 Star Wars Battlefront was merely a very short trailer.
 Need for Speed's latest version allows you to take down your friends online seamlessly if you both have the game. You'll be put into each others worlds and be able to go after each other. Only competition is easy and fast. The announcement for the Need for Speed Movie however was like hearing a cat wrapped in a wet sack thrown against a window and it breaking. The clips shown make me want it to never come to theaters.
 Drake showed up for some reason. That's great Drake, just great.
 The next UFC game seems to have mapped the human body out as much a possible to see realistic pain, I hope they share that data with doctors, I'm sure it could help in some way.
 A big reveal of 64 people playing Battlefield 4 live in the auditorium showcased how much the game can put up with including a building falling down in real time. The huge maps allow for multiple ways to fight and grab targets. You have so many options it's unthinkable and with 64 other capable able to get you, you might want to think about them all.
 A new Mirror's Edge was announced with no date given, only a "when we're ready".

Snagged a shot of Adam Sessler.