Monday, June 24, 2013

LA Film Festival Reviews This Week

Hard working volunteers working on votes for films
 This week I'll have a back catalog of reviews for films that played at the LA Film Festival including Code Black, The Fifth Season, Shorts and Takashi Miike's Lesson of Evil. The whole fest just ended Sunday with days and days of features playing at the Regal Cinemas sadly part of the awful overpriced LA Live.

A conversation while walking through the JW Marriort I overheard after picking up my press badge.

Female guest: Is there any fast food place for us to eat an nearby? Something cheap? Like a Subway?

JW Marriot Guest Services: No.

I don't hate Regal Cinemas, but it has a strange floor plan like the Sherman Oak Arclight. The second floor has no theaters on it, so you're a bit off while making it up and not arriving ay any theaters.