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Friday, June 14, 2013

It's The Weekend Father's Day Appoaches

Yo readers,

How was your E3? How was your week so far, did any of you talk to any Swedes like I did at the Swedish Affair? Your work week might be over and here comes the weekend where you free to gestate over all the news you got from E3. Smash Bros looks fun. It would look better if it came out this year, but hey they're Nintendo, they just don't get it.

Weekend wise you have the LA Film Fest and a huge amount of Asian scrumptious food and culture to get lost in. You have the LA Film Fest at the always awful LA Live, hate the LA Live. There plenty of so bad there good films to see thanks to The Cine Family and Horrible movie night. If you haven't had a chance check out Iam8bit Entertainment System too.We have Man of Steel to look forward to see Supes back and perhaps this time he won't suck.

Sad notes for the recent Santa Monica college shooting, a depressing day in LA's history. Murder LA should have the full details past all the hype next Friday. Gun laws need to be changed, a few days after the shooting another took place in the same area with no relation to the first.

Be prepared for upcoming coverage of Anime Expo approaching and Comic-Con as July will be with us sooner than you think. We have plenty for June still so keep checking the site.

Until next time I'm off on my flying swan! If someone gets to drawing it. (that's a hint for our graphic artist)

Have a fun weekend!

-Jonathan Bilski