Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anime Hype: Anime Expo Guest of Honor Getting Good

This year's Anime Expo list is looking good. Anime Expo has been announcing some popular names from Japanese anime.

-Masaaki Yuasa, the director of the Kick-started Madhouse production of Kick-heart!, a tale of love and wrestling.

-George Wada, producer of the ever growing popular Attack on Titan anime

-Vic Mignogna, voice actor, almost in everything from Funimation

-Kazuchika Kise, Ghost in the Shell: ARISE Director and Character Designer

-Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Ghost in the Shell: ARISE Producer

-"Huke" ,  character designer for Black Rock Shooter and Steins;Gate

- Porno Graffitti , a well known Japanese rock band that has done some well known anime them songs. They have a live concert July 6 at the Nokia

This year also has Super Art Fight where artist will battle to be the best artist with live music

 "For those unfamiliar with Super Art Fight – an “art fight” consists of two (or more) artists battling against each other with drawn art on a large six foot tall by twelve foot wide canvas. Each artist is given a starting topic, and a twenty five minute time limit to run wild.  Artists are allowed and encouraged to have their art “attacking” their opponents art, and if an artist leaves their art open, their opponent is allowed to add to, or otherwise complete, what the artist has left unfinished.  Additionally, every five minutes, artists receive new, randomized topics from the crowd-sourced topic generator called The Wheel of Death - the artists must add these topics to the art created thus far.  At the end of the bout, the live audience picks the winners, battle of the bands style, based on cheers and applause."