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Monday, June 24, 2013

SOS Over The Skies Cry For Help From Universal

The SOS over the skies on Sunday, if you spotted it ,wasn't for World War Z, no it meant  “Summer of Survival" , for Universal Studios in a very bad choice for marketing. After writing about a make your own monster contest and the CityWalk Anniversary for Universal with a cake that shot confetti it's hard for me to write how dumb this new choice was. Why not just write Universal Studios in the sky? I'm kind of amazed it was allowed at all when using SOS is a real term used for when your in emergency and it could have affected emergency services.
Universal, in it's clear vision of putting in the already old Harry Potter franchise and a ride  based on the Despicable Me's Minions with the destruction of the beloved Gibson Amphitheatre shows it's lack of understanding of timing and community. The new Despicable Me ride and Harry Potter section already done in Florida at Universal World Resort shows a lack of originality too. As Disney slowly waits for the day to move on a Star Wars section or Marvel section Universal knows it's days are numbered.
Knott's better just get it's act together on safety.