Monday, June 24, 2013

Dwell on Design 2013: What Just Happened ?

If ever in the need of furniture for your super villain lair or the trendiest most modern look for your home then you may have missed out if you didn't attend Dwell on Design 2013 taking place at the LA Convention Center over the weekend. The modest modern furnishings and the newest in home innovation and since it's LA conservation filled the West Hall with all manner of products to put in your manor or trendy loft.

Shout-out to the helpful registration staff this year! I assume it's different companies or interns that staff the events, but every time I visit the LA Convention Center they're extremely upbeat, helpful and curious about things to do in LA when I mention the site's name. Continue to shame the staff at the Anaheim Convention Center, they may have a better designed complex, but they lack a staff as good as you.
Oh, Ed Begley Jr. when are you not at Dwell on Design?  When not in odd green screen for the latest season of Arrested Development or playing some random part on a sitcom you sure love the environment. Your story on falling in love with your girlfriend years ago and not wanting to change your Eco-friendly house simple reminded me of you dying in the film Eating Raoul.

Enough long-winded meta humor on Ed Begley Jr. back to the show. A + R had a treasure trove of goodies for your place.

One of the local businesses that made the place shine other than the wall paper Christmas tree from Wallflower that really lights up and saves space was the work of dyw or had the abiltiy for you to choose selected brands from modern artists including Gary Baseman. In fact as I passed by someone though his work was reminiscent of Adventure Time. It is that playful and would make any room a bit more adventerous. Dyw introduce me to wallpaper titles and innovation in wallpaper where you can easily remove and place the wallpaper without it sticking to a wall. Great for long time renters who just aren't allowed with their places.

The Equilibrium Bookcase by Rypen got plenty of attention from attended wondering how it stayed stacked up.

more on the show tomorrow