Saturday, June 15, 2013

Game Hype: ESA and Microsoft Bad Press

ESA Tries To Silence Ouya @ E3

Superpunch  found some very low down and just plain dumb bad press for video game companies, first up in a low act by the ESA they attempted to silence the Ouya parking lot event. The Ouya bough out a parking lot near E3 to showcase their stuff. In a childish attempt to stop it from being found the ESA bough parking spots in front of Ouya's parking lot and aprked big trucks to block people from seeing it. Then the people behind Ouya bough spaces in front of those trucks to once again showcase their stuff. Then in a rather feeble attempt to stop the event the ESA called the LAPD on the Ouya event, which did nothing as all their licenses were in order.

The city loves how much money E3 brings in, but not like this, in a very childish display by the people behind E3. It sounds like a sitcom premise.

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Microsoft Employees Derail Wii U Best Buy Events

In childish actions, Microsoft seems to be winning that race as Microsoft employees in LA are going to Wii U Best Buy events and telling people to go get an Xbox One instead. Telling people in line to try the Wii U to get an Xbox One, why are you wasting time on this Microsoft? I would say people getting the Wii U are so far from your market that it's ridiculous. How about having commercials about the Xbox One on TV and the internet if you want to do marketing. Here's the press you'll get out of me for this incredibly pathetic attempt to steal customers from Nintendo. Don't buy the Xbox One anyone, it's afraid of the power of the Wii U!

Microsoft recently had some great marketing with being an active sponsor for Star Trek Into Darkness here in LA. They made a deal with Paramount and were giving away free tickets to the film. That was smart and positive marketing. Sending employees to Wii kiosks at Best Buy was insane and whoever was the "mastermind" behind it should be fired.

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