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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: What Should I Be Doing Guide Part 1

Anime Expo 2013 is a week away

As always I'd like to remember newcomers that the food is overpriced, the parking is overpriced and the adjacent LA Live is overpriced. Be prepared to walk far for any reasonably priced food as there is no local fast food places nearby. At a hotel or in the LA area the Metro is a fast easy bet than having to deal with con parking.

Please remember personal hygiene as well. I recommend small deodorant, cologne/perfume and mints.

Cash is king and though many booths might have new credit card sliders for their phones, many won't. Booths love cash for fast easy payments.

Cosplayers here are the current forum links to cosplay gatherings

Here's the current unofficial list of all gatherings

My first top picks for the Expo are below, unless AX gets a better programming schedule to link to this year don't expect anything that fancy. Hope they do put up a better programming guide soon, they have in the past and it's odd they don't this year.

-MEGA64 PANEL FOR REAL AMERICANS” since it takes place on the 4th of July and all. Thursday, July 4th at 2PM in LP1. We did hear, however, that seating may actually start ahead of that time, so you may want to get there early!

-Aniplex at AX

Here's some of my top favorites from Aniplex

more panels and events to salivate over soon