Sunday, June 16, 2013

Man of Steel Review Just Negative Points

Superman The Movie 2013 edition is a flashback fest with a great fight scene at the end. There's one other great fight scene and then the film is a thinly scripted drama about the importance of one man. In no way a small kid's movie nor in anyway a fun summer spectacle it's mostly a drama lacking so much of the character and his universe that make him fun. The worst conceit was something DC heroes never do and even Nolan got that right.

I'd like to just do negative points about the movie to think about after seeing it

-In no way is this a justifiable little  kids movie with the amount of violence and complex story

-Way to go to three scenes of black people not dead in the aftermath of the Metropolis disaster. Zack Synder, you're not a racist

-An Asian girl on a bus in Kansas 33 years ago next to Lana Lang, more not racism.

-Black General from other movies as a Black General again, it's good to see you. Better help the Fantastic Four, oh wait you died in that series

-Script Error, The Black General says the bad guys want to terraform Earth into Krypton, but has never heard of Krypton

- Zod and his crew have spent 33 years in space but haven't aged at all.

-Well hello IHOP and Sears, why the Hell are you in the movie? Blatant promotion makes me never want to eat or shop at you again.

-On that topic, does Clark's Mom work at Sears, I though she ran a farm.

-Why the Hell is the codex on some sort of a skull? Whose skull is that?

-I thought that ship the got destroyed at the end was going to be the Fortress of Solitude too.

-Jonathan Kent sure didn't teach Clark to do the right thing and to be a huge loser coward.

- Lois Lane is ugly and much much older than Superman.

-Perry White, Jennie Olsen (girl Jimmy Olsen) and Lombardi why should I care you're alive. I met you for just a few minutes I have no connection to any of you.

-Why was Jenni Olsen so ugly and not funny and not even a red head?

-Did Synder catch Nolan's gay man vision where he can't tell what hot women look like? He did Sucker Punch so he know what hot girls look like. Maybe he just had his wife on set all the time and couldn't pick hot girls for parts. Don't get me wrong some of Zod's girls were hot.

-Superman sure is shirtless a lot.

-Perry couldn't say Great Cesar's Ghost once?

-Perry has to have an earing.

-You're so effing ugly Jenni Olsen.

-You killed Zod, DC heroes aren't suppose to kill, they aren't Marvel heroes.

-That family you saved from Zod, didn't even thank you and apparently can't move forward and away from laser vision.

-Super hero movies of today really hate our armed forces and government agencies.

-You haven't really spent that much time with Lois, that was weird kiss at the end.

Fun moments

-That plane being destroyed by Non was straight out of Dragon Ball Z when Nappa does it.

-Superman talking to people as Superman was fun when it happened twice

-Fight scenes great, no problem, good job move on.

Comic Fan Stuff

- Zod's second in command ands sometime girlfriend is no longer called Ursa

-Non, the big guy who hits Superman never has his name addressed.

-Professor Hamilton dead or in the Phantom Zone?

-LexCorp on this and that.

Updates when other cracks come to mind