Thursday, June 20, 2013

Galco's 3rd Annual Summer Soda Tasting July 28

Soda! Soda! Soda Tiiiiimmmeee!!!!!

Back for a blast of carbonated good time is none other than the Third Annual Summer Soda Tasting at Galco's. This year benefits from the unveiling of the Soda Creation Station, where you'll be able to make your own soda, label it and cap it off in your own 12 oz. bottle. Galco’s  own White Rose line of soda pop will unveil the new flavor of Cherry. This year's tasting has 23 soda brands for sampling as off this post. These are part of the selection:

            Bundaberg sodas from Australia
            Texas’ popular Hippo sodas                     
            Brownie Root Beer·        
            Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer 
            MacFuddy Pepper Elixer

Galco’s Third Annual Summer Soda Tasting
5-8 p.m. on July 28, 2013
Galco’s Soda Pop Stop
5702 York Boulevard 
$12 advance/$15 at event, $5 for children 3-11. More information and tickets at; tickets are always on sale in person at Galco’s (323) 255-7115
All proceeds from the Summer Soda Tasting 3 will go to Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition

I'll be sure to have updates for one of the sites most favorite local summer events.