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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The G-String Horror Review Oh It's Horror-ibly Bad

G-String Horror

Some B-Horror films make me laugh and are so bad there good. Then there's films that should never be made like a birthday present I got last year called Fart: The Movie. The G-String Horror is in the category of Fart:The Movie, it's just bad and not even funny to watch with friends.

What starts off as a birthday party at a strip club that becomes a murder becomes a terrible horror documentary. The birthday did seem nice though, who wouldn't want a crossbow and a nice strange knife as presents at a strip club? Then there's the painful to watch murder. Not for the victim, but for me the person watching it.

 The film then cuts to a series of interviews and people weezing, which is which is your guess. The interviews are quite horrible as the actors seem to be homeless people or just some local regulars who were told what to say about a haunted strip club.

There might be some redeeming moments like in the clip below, not in being good, but being funny to laugh at.

The way it was shot looks like people who failed at pornos were given the task of try a stab at horror. I swear if FearNet or those other horror sites give it a good review there out of their minds.

NSFW trailer