Monday, June 3, 2013

Game Hype: I Wonder Will The Next Arkham Game Be Mostly In Parking lots

BLDBLOG goes over SimCity months after the controversy into just the game play and talking with the new game director. My favorite highlight is on how much the developers looked at Google maps. The game could have been mostly parking lots if the developers followed what the real world was like.

Comics Vs. Games 2 over in Canada was a success. Hopefully, Adam co-curator can keep up the excitement with the LA Game Space, whenever it opens.

Batman Arkham Origins has me afraid. Leaving Rocksteady whose made two great games for the series seems a bad idea as BioShock 2. And it's a prequel, we're kind of sick of those.

Ben Esposito's Kachina is being funded by Indie Fund. You might remember I interviewed Ben way back at Indie Cade. Ben's also part of Giant Sparrow who made The Unfinished Swan and part of the new Culver City digital artist collective Glitch City.

Spelunky is coming to the Vita! Sadly, it's not from the creator, but a different team. Hopefully, it can maintain you dying horribly from the smallest mess-up. Oh and Limbo too for Vita.

The Crowdfarter campaign is a nice advertising idea for Game and Wario on the Wii U, but the commercial needs music. It's so creepy without music! out June 23

Animal Crossing: New Leaf  is out soon too. It comes out June 9th. Nintendo game are at least $10 to $5 bucks cheaper than other title coming out.

The Forest seems like the perfect game to play for Halloween, maybe I can create some sort of Halloween game jam. Your lost in the forest and things seems to be bad.

Lie Swatter needs to be on Android devices too. Smashing lies from the same people who made You Don't Know Jack.