Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: What Should I Be Doing Guide Part 2

AX 2013 is on it's way, so here's even more stuff to check out at the event! More to come as AX draws ever closer!

Big reminder, the Exhibit Hall doesn't open until noon the first day. July 4th don't go early unless you just want to wait or have a panel with on-site registration you'll be a while anyway.

K Day July 5th celebrating Viz Media's anime K, multiple events with the dun crew and cosplayers, plus free goodies will be happening check out further information on it here.

Some of the goodies they'll be giving out

Live- Action FIGHT Competition Shorts or LA Fight has fan films of epic fights from anime recreated for your pleasure. The current schedule has the Japan Film Society FilmFest Awards, which seems to be that event for Friday July 5 at Petree Hall LP1 Starting at 6pm.

Talking about fights we have two Bandai Namco Panels. One on the new DBZ game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z and one on Naruto. They usually have some nice goodies at these. The DBZ Panel is Saturday in Petree Hall at 10am. Naruto is Sunday in Petree Hall at 10am. Sadly, I don't see them as and exhibitor, so no booth this year possibly.