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Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Finn and Jake for Smash Bros. Glen's Take, Batman Finn

I want to put in my nomination for Finn and Jake to be in the next Smash Bros out in 2014. After hearing about Mega Man, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer it was easy to ask who else should be in the game. Finn and Jake perfectly fin into the Nintendo fighter and I'd be fine if they were one character like their DS game version. Out at the same time, maybe Finn rides Jake or the infamous Jake suit or Jake is in Finn's backpack. Let Nintendo hear your voice! E-mail them here requesting Finn and Jake be put in the game. No current cartoon buddies to deserve to be in Smash Bros more than them. Who doesn't want a sword fight between Link and Finn!

Glen Brogan's Adventure Time Pieces

Glen Brogan “Milkman Jake” Mounted

Glen Brogan “Kim and Marceline”

Comic-infused Adventure Time moments