Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 5th Annual Korean BBQ Festival Overpriced Losing Touch

The 5th Annual Korean BBQ Festival is happening  this Sunday June 23 part of CicViaLA which shuts down Wilshire for people to bike and walk on. Sadly, instead of growing and expanding the event the new Korean BBQ Festival, once called the Korean BBQ Cook-Off and last year A Taste of Koreatown has lost it's touch by being overpriced and lacking a community feel. In previous festivals a stage with different activities was announced on their official site, this year there is not a peep of any contest, music or talks from the community. The vendor list has not grown, but the pricing has. One food tickets amount to one plate and drink at $15 each. That is a huge increase in the price from last year and at if at the same serving amount ludicrous. The Korean BBQ Festival is taking advantage of the folks of CicViaLA with price gouging and long time fans including this site.