Friday, June 7, 2013

Santa Monica College Shooting

A shooting has occurred at the Santa Monica College around 11am today. Scant details, but stay clear of the area while the police deal with the situation. Further problems include President Obama being in town and to give a speech only a few blocks away from the campus. Traffic will be bad in the area so drive safe and smart, steer clear of the area.

Updates: One suspect is down, but there is supposedly a second suspect and the area is still not considered safe. Correction the President is 3 miles away from the campus.

Update 2: The 2013 National Homeland Security Conference is in town right now. This is very bad press for them. There was a counter terrorism drill yesterday morning even. With the President's high security detail and the massive presence of Homeland Security this situation should have more than enough ready officers to handle it in a timely manner. This right now should determine how effective the agency is, but it seems just the local police are handling it. What a useless organization.

-Secondly, if you're watching K-CAL 9 a lot of the students seem to be idiots dancing or waving into the camera. Their smiles on camera sicken me. What a bunch of worthless human beings when the know people could be hurt and they themselves easily could be in danger.