Friday, June 7, 2013

It's The Weekend Call Me Scrooge McDuck as I Waddle Down To E3

Hey Readers,

It's the weekend!

The time
             the place
                            does it matter?

When you live in LA it does. Jonathan B your Editor-in-chief breaking down the future of LA or topics that may be affecting you like fire and local weather personalities using June gloom too damn much.

This weekend kicks off one of my favorite events in the city that evolves like a Pok√©mon becoming a stranger and different version of itself every time I greet it again. Iam8bit's year... every few years video game tribute show returns with Entertainment System. Featuring well known artists from all things meta and high internet fan profile. Then there's the chance to jump into Uncle Scrooge's Money Bin, you can't pass the up. I'll have coverage of the whole damn thing with interviews and hard-hitting line footage of people in line that you'll see from every other major outlet. The show runs all June perfect for anyone visiting the city during summer vacation.

Vacation at camp always has memories. I hope mine are dark. It's also time for the Horror Campout from Ten Thirty One Productions. I'll be their the first night of the live horror film that campers get to act in or be trapped in. The Hell Hunt, which has you looking for scag in a "scag"venger hunt with searching through bodies and fending off monsters beats any zombie shootout. Get tickets while you still can, it won't happen for another year probably.

You have Ninja-Con for anime lovers and 626 night market. You have the Natural History Museum Centennial showing off an entire new section of the museum. You have the Ultimate LA Block Party. It's a packed weekend with plenty of things to do and it's just the start of the summer.

Then we have E3 hosted in the city. Days and days of video game news will be filling up your brain cavity like a hard Icee, that don't make liquor Icees do they? Check the party selection with E3 parties going full swing starting Sunday. I'll be covering as much as I can or as much that radically affects LA. I'm trying to write traffic nightmares downtown. Oh, I don't hope there's any games going on now, but... nope just checked, you're good no big games in town. LA Convention Center you ugly bastard get ready for a whole lot of gamers in you before a whole lot of anime fans get inside you a few weeks later.

If you have a chance just prepare your calendars, we haven't even hit July and who knows what will happen then. Though most likely most people will be at Comic-Con one weekend.

Until next time I'm off on my flying swan! If someone gets to drawing it. (that's a hint for our graphic artist)

Have a fun weekend!

-Jonathan Bilski