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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nobuhiko Obayashi: Schoolgirls In The Crosshairs May

Can you hear the Inception music playing. Wahhh! The director of House is in town this May after a retrospective of his work in New York. (Man, that really seems like how we get any art or film exhibits out here sometimes. The Cinefamily and The Japan Film Festival, which is nice to hear from because it seems like their selection this year wasn't the best are giving us Nobuhiko Obayashi and screenings of his crazy work.

So just look at the trailers from Mr. Obayashi to drink in the pure Japanese crazy. When you thing of crazy and weird you don't have to look further than Japan.

Nobuhiko Obayashi: Schoolgirls In The Crosshairs
Starting May 8 - Multiple dates
The Cinefamily

The best event seems like the screening of House, one if not the best insane Japanese horror movie ever. This film is in the Criterion collection, that's how odd it is. You don't make the Criterion Collection by being normal. I've written about it multiple time on the site but to put it out again  seven young girls go to a haunted house, but before reaching the house you'll already be going wtf. This is the best film to see with friends on a late night.

The Cinefamily will have Obayashi there for a Q and A afterward and a shindig based on the film too.

They'll be more screening of House just not with Obyashi, luckily there's an evening devoted just to him, do remember he is in his 80's so it should be crazy to hear what he has to say.

Nothing's finalized as I write this, so I'll give updates on the site later.

Following that you have screening of his other work, which isn't on Netflix or even on DVD here in the US. The Drifting Classroom looks amazingly messed-up. Then you have School in the Crosshairs and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which had a remake in Japan not to long ago. It's both an anime and live action film.