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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hero Complex 2013 Begins Tomorrow

Only The Mist with Frank Darabont and Independence Day with Roland Emmerich aren't sold out, how sad. Jeez, I wonder why ...
hack(s), cough. Sorry, I was coughing while typing. Just go to those shows to ask Frank how he's ruining the Godzilla reboot or feels being fired by AMC or ask Roland, well he apologized for Batman.

John Carpenter, Guillermo del Toro and Chris Carter (X-Files) more than make up for it and those tickets went fast.

Luckily, it all takes place at the Chinese 6 on Hollywood, no LA Live! Burn AEG! Burn for all your poor planning. You lost the X Games too.

The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex
TCL Chinese Theatres
6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

I hope next year a cool poster gets commissioned so I can use it for these posts. At least there poster guy didn't die suddenly, since they didn't have one.  CapeTown Film Fest's poster guy did die a week before the fest, weird. He wasn't the guy who created the Superman-esqe poster they had, but posters you'd be able to get there.

Cover! Oh, Falling Skies

That's a poster I want, a poster of them yelling cover like we heard 80 times in the promo for Falling Skies.