Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Editorial Thoughts: Prometheus is good for the first ten minutes

I was just watching TV when Prometheus happened to be on again and I forgot how much I enjoyed the beginning and by that I mean the first ten minutes of the movie. The scenes with David, before any of the crew wakes up. Up until Dr. Shaw wakes up Prometheus is a excellent sci-fi film. We're just getting to know someone and the technology and every part is about David's character. The part even up to Meredith Vickers doing push-ups is included in this like of the film and originally at that point in the film I thought she would be a feisty smart female lead the first time I saw it.

I was wrong, so terribly wrong. After seeing so much grand technology we cut to a scene of men and women in a gym in fold-out chairs. In what might be the most expensive and advanced ship in the future there is no meeting hall or conference room, because the gym has fold-out chairs. Whose job was it to even put those out? I assume David and it shows how underutilized he becomes once the other meaningless characters show up. 

I haven't looked online, but I wonder if there's an edit online of Prometheus just with David. It's probably a far better film.