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Monday, May 6, 2013

CapeTown Film Fest 2013: The Man Behind It All Geoff Boucher

Geoff Boucher leaving Hero Complex was a sad day for pop culture fans, but luckily with the new powers and job he got at Entertainment Weekly he created CapeTown, a section devoted to nerd entertainment news and created the brand new film festival I've been writing about this week.Geoff and his colleagues all did a fantastic job interviewing some idols of film. Having special secret guests, a free Iron 3 screening before it hit theaters, give-a-ways and contests were just some of the highlights of this new festival. It's sure to be an instant classic among film fans. Over the course of the last few days the Egyptian theater on Hollywood has made some memorable moments on fans and they'll be sure to want to come back for even more fan love next year, as long as it isn't in the awful LA Live. (LA Live remains terrible)
                                             Geoff got his own doll from a fan at the fest.
                                                          Free soda and popcorn anyone?