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Saturday, May 4, 2013

CapeTown Film Fest 2013: Kurt Russel Is Snake Plissken American

Kurt Russel let out a little chuckle while looking at the ground before an audience at the CapeTown Flm Fest over a man killing his best friend. He was telling the audience who had just seen Escape From New York, where he played 80's hero Snake Plissken, that the huge Russian looking man he wrestled in the ring killed his best friend in real life and that was only one of the people he killed, he chuckled again. "I didn't want bring that up for those reason",  he still looked at the ground.

The audience was more than lucky to hear that extra tidbit from the Kurt as he usually doesn't do interviews, twitter or socialize about his films. It isn't though he doesn't stay in touch he remarked how much he liked Agent Smith from the current GE commercials featuring him. He let out a, "Mr. Anderson" , to the crowd. That sound like a nice live read. The Matrix with Kurt Russel as Agent Smith. Kurt was bursting with an amazing look into how Escape from NY was made and tidbits about how he became Snake. The audience even had a chance to ask him a few questions before he bolted away. Geoff Boucher who hosted the event got in as many questions as he could an even cursed a bit off mic to the answers Kurt gave.

 Back to the fight, it was an American hero fighting a Russian, he was using a baseball bat with nails in it, not a hockey stick. Kurt pointed it out that Snake Plissken is an American and even though he thinks a reboot of the film is a bad idea he hates to think of a non-American actor getting the role of Snake. Kurt made it clear he's very patriotic.

Stories trickled out of Kurt like blood out of a shot up character from Escape from New York. Tales like being a new father when the film was in production and coming home to a baby in full Snake Plissken gear feeding he's child a bottle. A short story of how he walked the real shady streets where the film was shot a scared four real hoodlums, he did have his movie prop guns on him. He broke down how Snake is just a guy trying to get a cigarette. How he kept Snake's clothes from Escape from New York and could still where them in Escape From LA.

In a film career where he met both Walt Disney and Elvis Presley, Kurt laughs and enjoys all the different roles he's played. He had no role model he tried to act like. He set his own path. He told how one fan said to him once, "You career has been steered by a drunk driver", he was glad to hear that comment.