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Saturday, May 4, 2013

CapeTown Film Fest 2013: Call Me Snake

The CapeTown Film Fest by Entertainment Weekly had the honor of Kurt Russel better known as his movie alter ego Snake Plissken attend the screening of Escape From New York. He seldom makes appearnces he considers them Hell, that's what he told the crowd of fans that evening. Above I grabbed a pick of him with game cover art for the recent Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which owes a lot to Snake and Escape from New York for the 80's inspiration of the game.

I could have easily brought a Metal Gear game too for the photo as Snake Plissken is the inspiration for Solid Snake. During the Q and A a fan asked if Kurt would reprise his role as Snake to which he replied looking down at the ground and in a low voice, "No". The same fan said he could still be Snake voicing Solid Snake in Metal Gear and if Kurt had any interest to do so. Kurt didn't seem to understand the question and went on about just not being the character anymore. Host Geoff Boucher explaine it as voice over work even, but it didn't seem to click with Kurt. I question if he even know the series exist. Sorry Metal Gear fans you'll never have Kurt Russel doing the voice of Solid Snake or Big Boss, but doesn't Big Boss look like Sean Connery anyway?