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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BlasterCon Updated What's Up

 Don't worry those are laser tag guns, for a fan editing group who made the trailer they could have used a better picture. I still dig 70's vibe it gives.

70's and 80's is the style of this con, though I wonder if laser tag existed in the 70's or maid cafes which it does have.

BlasterCON 2013, May 10-12 at the Warner Center Marriott

This a new con so allow it some growing pains, I'm just kidding judge it harshly that's what you were born to do, don't make it to be forever in growing pains Comikaze Expo. You have all the info on what's going to be there on their site.

Here's what I find the most fun so far.

Dedicated Laser Tag room, if you have a badge already it's free, but you have different timed sessions so everyone may enjoy. Wonder how it will look.

BlasterCON Vintage Coin-Op Arcade - Old school arcade machines to be played on in a star wars Catina like area. I hope it's more old Star Wars then new Star Wars.

Mochi Cafe Presents "Game Grid Café"- A maid café where you challenge maids to video games, Anime Expo fans your ship has come in early.

Jedi Elvis- A man dresses like Elvis, but sings about nerd things. I could get into that. 9pm performance Saturday night.

Saturday Evening Costume Contest
A costume contest will be held Saturday evening

Programming still fills iffy, I do think the fest needs to grow and get more people involved to show off. Being here in LA, I'm kind of lost on the lack of people wanting to present who also enjoy sci-fi and fantasy.