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Thursday, May 2, 2013

BattleBlock Theater and Star Trek: The Game Quick Reviews

BattleBlock Theater

This is a fun-filled romp of a platformer for you and friends to laugh out loud to. Be it the utterly odd narrator or the bizarre story of being stuck on an island and having to perform plays for cats this game screams the style of being cartoon and stupid. Level design and game-play create a world for you to platformer in no ways and die over and over again by the hands of your friends or the lack of skill you have. It's never too hard and playing with four others can be a party of yelling and killing each other. There's even a button for you to explode if things get too hard.

With on-line play with up to 4 others and new levels that can be made and shared by you and others this game could be played once you've beaten the story. There's even different modes to try. Behemoth, put years of work into it and it shows.

This is one of the best games of 2013 hands down.Buy it now and enjoy only Xbox right now.

Star Trek: The Game

This was such a let down and I knew it was going to be. I think Polygon said it best with the line  "Everything wrong with shooters in the last five years". It's sad, because it's one of the few movie based games with the real voice cast and it's not the worst story either, but the gameplay and design fall so flat they should have made it 2D.

For a shooter it's quite astonishing to have the first level not be a shooter. Development for a least a year shows the same game I've played a hundred times from the 90's. Oh, great cover fire! For a Star Trek fan it just burns you even deeper and it's not even worth renting. There were some fun elements put in, but they weren't finished and the problems for the money spent to make this are ridiculously bad.

Then there's the opening of doors between Kirk and Spock and it gets a little tight and a little bit gay.

Just forget it exist and see it plummet it price like the Enterprise does in the railer for the upcoming sequel.

Played in awful split-screen local co-op.