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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anime Expo Fans Rejoice X Games Leaves LA

The X Games is headed to Barcelona, Spain this Summer instead of it's usual domination of LA Live and downtown. This shall bring tears of joy to Anime Expo fans who have had to deal with multiple problems with the other event's control of the area as the two events took place at the same time and area.

Large fenced walls, huge traffic congestion and lock downs of areas made Anime Expo seem more like a chore to get around and enjoy with the X Games happening at the same time in recent years. Fans complained of the bizarre ways they would have to get from their cars to the actual convention center. The hotels were harder to book. How could a fan get some food when the main street was blocked? LA Live, though ugly and overpriced was unable to be used for cosplay photos, food, special shows and meet-ups.

It ends with human stupidity and extremely poor business sense on the part of AEG who owns Staples Center and LA Live. AEG's owner recently tried to sell the two venues than pulled out of doing it. In that commotion the X Games was unsure of who would be in charge and left LA entirely as their ten year contract ended last year. Now X Games is headed to Spain and plans to continue not returning to LA up into 2014. This is a remarkable failure as the event did bring a huge profit to LA and those venues. X Games did bring in more people and money than Anime Expo. Yet, Anime Expo will now reap the rewards for the X Games not being here.

No X Games means a returns to no grim looking post apocalyptic fan gates around the LA Convention Center. A free to move street and LA Live. Easier access to downtown from the convention center. Only slightly more raised prices for parking from the unfair lots nearby.

So Anime Expo fans rejoice the July 4-7 weekend is yours to enjoy free of the X Games thanks to AEG's stupidity.