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Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 UCLA Game Art Festival May 8

The UCLA Game Art Festival returns for one night at the Hammer May 8. A wise choice as the second night event last year was a bit less put together.

UCLA Game Art Festival 
Wednesday, May 8  One night only! 
7­-10:30 p.m. 
The Hammer Museum Courtyard
"Festival to feature more than 35 playable games, tournaments, machinima screenings, and
other game art installations. Two giant projection screens, multiple game cabinets and live music will contribute to the festival’s cacophonous, carnival ­like atmosphere and a special installation of Caine's Arcade "
Some titles to look out for

Papers, Please
I'd play this on my DS

Perfect Woman
 (Lea Schoenfelder and Peter Lu)
This motion­ based performance game charts the course of a woman’s life through seven
stages, probing the social expectations placed on women.

Laser Cabinet
 (Khalil Klouche, Geneva University of Art and Design)
Featuring side­mounted buttons like a pinball machine for controls, 
Laser Cabinet turns its seemingly blank wooden surface into a playable videogame.
Bollywood Wannabe
(Chrysaor Studio)
Dance, dance, dance for movie stardom in this rhythm platform game that allows players to
create their own choreography.
In a Permanent Save State

gamescenes has a good amount of details too