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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome To Whimsic Alley

 Calling all Harry Potter fans! Do you need magic, wands and non-alcoholic Butter Beer in your life? How about anything Harry Potter related, because this wonderful store has it all.

Whimsic Alley
5464 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(310) 453-2370

Once you step inside you might think you've entered an fantastic art exhibit at LACMA and the gift shop is all surrounding. Going in I thought the store would be a simple run of the mill Halloween shops open for the season, but as it turned out it's a year round store dedicated to Harry Potter. There's a vast collection of magical When you enter you feel like you've been transported to that secret magic alley. It beats target or any other conventional store, other than Halloween Town out in Burbank which are not related.

Whimsic Alley not only has a great selection, but great presentation as it has separate room for different products. Each takes it own space like a classic shoppe from the films. There's a wand store, candy store, clothing store, curio store and more. Yes, there's even a prank section.

You can get lost in the shop that's worthy of being at a major theme park. With Universal Florida getting the Harry Potter rides it's the closes you might get to experience something like that even if your play college Quidditch,  which is real and been discussed on the site before. You'd think with the old magic shop gone at City Walk Universal might try again with a Harry Potter magic shop, but instead there's a store for magnets. Whimsic Alley carries some Harry Potter magnets..and stickers and books and pens and.I'm getting at Universal Studios/Warner Bros is pretty stupid not to create their own store here. Even if they did I'm sure it be no way a wondrous and a fun trip as this one.

The staff was incredibly helpful even when someone had the gall to ask for a cheap robe to be a Jedi. Go to Star Wars store, oh wait there isn't one. You'd think there would be one with LA being the entertainment capitol of the world and a fun tourist attraction, but like the the prequels it's a complete let down here. Off the subject of Jedi's and back on the staff who answered all my questions and explained everything I wanted to know. If you're looking for the hard to find items of Potter simply ask or get lost looking around.

The best part might be the Grand Hall in back. They've recreated it from the films and it stunning. Just go past the spooky hall in back and your ready for some celebrations. Hanging the candles to match the films must have been a time consuming endeavor. The results are too great and I greatly want to party there for a future event. They have many events and they had to make an extra day for their Yule time event as it became sold out. They have and upcoming Wizard Craft Fair this November with rare items from etsy. Murder mysteries from the cast of the Harry Potter films and into January a Doctor Who one. You can even rent the Great Hall out for yourself for whatever you like, well you know keep it pc.

The store updates it's grand inventory for what's popular, so there will be products from The Hobbit in stock as I write this and before that was Hunger Games. There's some hard to find Doctor Who goodies too. So if anything new from Harry Potter gets made like the next edition on Blu-ray or special edition dinner plate it'll most likely be there.

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