Monday, March 11, 2013

Tomb Raider Review It's A Movie At Times A Snuff Film

Tomb Raider

I'd love to have been playing SimCity this weekend, but you know that wasn't going to happen. Instead, I took a chance with Lara Croft , thanks mostly to Conan O'Brian's game time.

First off, what's with not giving sequels or a prequel in this case, titles that separate them from their original. Devil May Cry and SimCity, two recently released titles along with this one will forever make it harder for people searching about their original games a harder process. Which Tomb Raider? Tomb Raider 1996 or Tomb Raider 2013.

Why even make a new Tomb Raider Square Enix? You could have made the female protagonist a new character as this one doesn't look like original Lara Croft or even wear her known attire.

Those have nothing to do with the game, which is any excellent action-adventure movie of a game. It doesn't break the mold on the genre, but it does play like a perfect game. Story, getting lost on an island filled with danger, mystery and some hidden tombs. Action, large fights with guns and arrows. A character you enjoy to see win against the odds... or not.

Crystal Dynamics are some perverse freaks and this is a compliment, so don't take it the wrong way. When Lara dies, she dies painfully. She has plenty of death animations for that. Instead of the screening going blank spoutin' game over you might see her get choked to death, have her neck sliced open or impaled and more. The death animations cost both time and money and Crystal Dynamics wanted them perfect for you to go, "Oh, G-d no!". I know I did. It doesn't stop there, for a game that is trying for a more realistic approach there's still a room full of body parts and even a blood lake. Forgot to mention Lara's constant nightmare of pain she must endure on the crazy island she got every lost on. If anyone wanted to make snuff film the game, look no further.

The game simply looks beautiful, the control and leveling up, it's great too. The thing is I've done it before, in other games over a long time of gaming. This is one of the most polished games I've seen and played in some time and I just wish it came out when the console did. Were in the late period of the end cycle of are consoles and many of the developers now know how to perfect titles.

I've hunted before in games, I've leveled up weapons, even found hidden passages, but there might have been a cropping issues or some sort of error and that's all gone. Hell, there's even multiplayer!

If you want a fun action-adventure title with a great story by all means pick this up and enjoy. Hey if your into watching a woman die than yeah you could just say you enjoy playing this nad just watch that happen a lot too.

My last qualm might be the DLC, which  should just have been unlocked after accomplishing something in-game or with cheat codes.