Saturday, March 2, 2013

Injustice Another Round Showcase

For any DC fan this was another feast for the eyes with all the little nods to the DC universe. The battle between Hawkgirl and Green Arrow shows of what damage can be down in the Hall of Justice. Seeing Giganta and.. I believe The Atom duke it out while your fighting adds to how big a fighting game arena should be. Didn't know you could get knocked into their fight for a painful outcome. Even more painful, taking a Boom Tube to Apokolips and getting your butt handed to you by Darkseid.

Though every level has it's fun set pieces this may be my favorite. Duking it out Arkham might win though, you can get tossed into Killer Croc which leads to you get poked in the face by the Penguin's umbrella, then beat up by Two-Face and The Riddler. I haven't studied that level, but it look like it took the designs of Batman's villains out of Arkham City.

I'll have more updates as the game gets closer to it's April release. Let's just call it in Injustice and leave the other part out for now. I seriously hate the full name and Injustice jusr rolls off the tongue.