Monday, March 4, 2013

Game Hype: GlassLab, Applied Design, Jeff Koons Must Die!!!


Other than some very funny statistics on how boring school is, we learn EA is using SimCity to teach kids in school. Glasslab doesn't wish to limit itself to EA, but what's to strike partnership with other game companies on teaching kids a little with games.

A sample SimCityEDU lesson asks students to prioritize public works projects and "explain your reasoning," with writing assignments that culminate in several drafts of an essay. Game play, both at home and in school, tests students' hypotheses.
In another lesson, a pre-built city runs out of electricity. Students must figure out what happened and how to turn the lights back on."

Applied Design

Video games being accepted more as art is demonstrated in the New York's MoMA's Applied Design Exhibit where 14 games are apart of it, including Katamari Damacy and Vib Ribbon.

Update: Sometimes what MoMA gets, we get down the line, so it might be nice to see this at LACMA, like the Tim Burton exhibit made it's way from that museums to ours. Sad the Stanley Kubrick exhibit has no plans for New York or the MOCA's graffiti art exhibit.

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! Videogame

For any lover of Modern art, what better way to love it then by destroying it in a video game, especially the balloon animals of Jeff Koons. I hope the sequel has you confronting Mr. Brainwash, from Exit Through The Gift Shop.

via gamescenes